Securities Transfer Instructions

Thank you for your meaningful support

Please check the email you entered into the form for further instructions. If the email does not immediately show in your inbox check your spam folder or refer to the instructions below:

Follow the Instructions below

For paperless direct transfer of securities between your stock broker and the Navy SEAL Foundation’s account with Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, please use the information below. Shares are immediately sold and wired to the Navy SEAL Foundation’s operating account.

Deliver through DTC #0015, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC

For further transfer to the account of:
Navy SEAL Foundation Inc
Account Number: 906-010033
Tax ID # 31-1728910

If you have any questions, please call Elise Peal (757) 331-6053 or Scott Burke (757) 331-6069

For tax purposes, the value of your stock gift will be fair market liquidation value, falling between the high and low price on the day the stock was gifted.

Thank you for your meaningful support.