NSF Scholarship Program 2020 (Cycle 2) FAQ’s

Who is eligible to apply?

Navy SEAL Foundation Scholarships:

  • Active Duty SEALs and their spouses
  • Active Duty SWCC and their spouses
  • Active Duty NSW Support Personnel on the 2nd tour and their spouses
  • SEAL and SWCC Veterans

When does the application close?

The second cycle of 2020 NSF scholarships opens Thursday, June 4, 2020, and closes at midnight EST on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

What is included in the NSF application?

Transcripts, 500-word essay, and 2nd tour verification letters may be required.

What transcripts do I upload?

Unofficial transcripts.

What is a SECOND NSW tour verification letter?

Active Duty NSW SUPPORT will be required to upload a letter from their current command leadership verifying their two NSW tours. The two NSW tours do not need to be consecutive.

What do I select if I do not have SAT/ ACT scores to report?

Those applicants can select Military Exempt to move forward with the application.

How are scholarships awarded?

NSFs scholarships are merit-based. Scholarships are reviewed and scored by an outside review committee. Merit-based scholarship awards are non-transferrable to other applicants or family members.

Do scholarship awards expire?

If awarded, applicants have up to one year to use scholarship funds.

What can scholarship award funds be used for?

NSF scholarships can be used toward academic-related expenses through institutions. Scholarship awards cannot be used for reimbursement for prior academic expenses. NSF makes scholarship awards payments to educational institutions, not individuals. Scholarship checks are mailed to the recipient’s home address for them to forward to the school.