Tragedy Assistance and Survivor Support

Unwavering Support in Times of Need.

Transition When an NSW service member is injured or becomes critically ill, the Navy SEAL Foundation provides financial and logistical support so the service member’s focus can be on healing. Additionally, we provide support for the warrior who suffers the loss of a parent or sibling.

For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we stand firmly behind their family during this time of crisis. Immediate financial assistance is provided to the surviving family to help cover costs associated with the dignified transfer of remains and memorial services, as well as travel expenses for immediate and extended family.

Surviving families are provided with a variety of vital services to children, spouses, and parents of fallen warriors in their time of need and into the future. We provide mortgage and rent assistance, home maintenance programs, financial and grief counseling, legal assistance, respite childcare, and other critical services. The Foundation continues to support surviving families in the years following their loss through specialized camps, retreats, and bereavement activities.

No matter the transformative life event, the Navy SEAL Foundation is always there for our community. We work to bridge the gap of resources not already provided by the government during these challenging times.


These programs are supported by the Ken Griffin Navy SEAL Foundation Education and Children's Initiative.

*These programs are supported by the Ken Griffin Navy SEAL Foundation Education and Children's Initiative.

How We Help

  • Active Duty Rehabilitation and Casualty Support
  • SEAL/SWCC Veteran’s Death Support
  • Active Duty Member Parent, Sibling or Child Death Support
  • Grief Counseling and Surviving Family Resiliency Gatherings
  • Legal Assistance, Tax Preparation and Financial Counseling for Surviving Families
  • *Children’s Discovery Grants for Surviving Children
  • Home Maintenance Stipend and Mortgage/Rent Support for Surviving Families
  • *Annual Specialized Camps for Surviving Children
  • *Supplemental Childcare, Tutoring Support and Private School Grants for Surviving Families
  • Computers for Surviving Children
  • Wellness Stipend for Surviving Spouses

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers that were so colorful and beautifully arranged. Thank you for your words of encouragement as we are reminded ‘All gave some, some gave all’.”

NSW Gold Star Parents