Veteran Support

Committed to Those Who Have Served.

The Navy SEAL Foundation supports post 9-11 SEAL and SWCC Veterans through a responsive and personalized system of care. We offer assistance to those suffering from in-service or service-connected wounds by tailoring support to meet the needs of each individual.

The Foundation also offers transition services to qualified NSW Veterans for up to 24 months post-military service by providing access to world-class transition programs and mentorships.

Upon notification of a non-service connected death of a SEAL or SWCC Veteran, the Navy SEAL Foundation will provide immediate tragedy assistance funds to the primary next of kin. We serve as a resource hub for families by providing information on beneficial services and other organizations that can assist in meeting their needs.

In the event of a service-connected death of a SEAL or SWCC Veteran, their surviving family is included in our active-duty tragedy assistance and survivor support programs.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to providing excellent care for our Veterans. As needs grow and change, we will flex and adapt to ensure they have the care they deserve.

Areas We Support

  • Tailored support for in-service or service connected wounds, Illnesses or injuries
  • Specialized Transition Services
  • Tragedy Assistance and Survivor Support
  • SEAL/SWCC Retiree and Family Support

“I walked through the doors a “bent” man–bent from twenty-five years of living the SOF mission and a “self-destruct on command” life. Twelve or more combat deployments and more time away from home than I care to admit, left me “existing”, not living, with chronic pain. That pain reduced my quality of life to a level I was not able to accept. Surgery, as a form of treatment, was not an option for me, so when I learned that the Navy SEAL Foundation supported SEAL veterans by providing access to specialized treatments, I was eager to participate. A few of my former teammates had experienced the program for themselves and reported it to be… “life-changing”, “a game changer” and “next level” to mention just a few comments.”

Retired SEAL Command Master Chief