Transition Assistance and Veteran Support

The Next Ridgeline.

TransitionWhen the time comes for a Naval Special Warfare warrior to separate or retire from active-duty service, we believe they should have the opportunity to physically, mentally and intellectually recalibrate before embarking on their next mission in the civilian world–whatever that mission may be.

The NSF is honored to provide our multifaceted Transition Program to members of the NSW community who are within 18-months of separation. We also support SEAL and SWCC veterans who have already separated from active-duty service on a case-by-case basis.


NSF’s Transition Program takes the ‘whole warrior’ approach to this very important time in any service member’s career. We individually tailor our support to meet their needs in three main areas: human performance, the family unit, and professional development for post-service career opportunities.

We have partnered with world-class providers and service organizations that specialize in successful warrior transition, focusing our effort and energy on the best possible outcomes for each of our transitioning NSW members.

NSF hosts and facilitates special events like our “Frogman Reconnect” gatherings where former SEALs come together as teammates once again and rebuild the bonds of brotherhood that are often severed when a SEAL leaves active-duty service. Our goal is to keep the brotherhood connected, making sure these warriors always have a swim buddy and never lose touch with their NSW family.

To meet the needs of our SEAL and SWCC veteran population, NSF developed the Veterans Crisis Assistance Program. This program provides financial assistance to SEAL and SWCC Veterans to cover a variety of critical needs. We also support those SEAL and SWCC veterans who were wounded or who become ill due to their active-duty service.