Enhancing Physical & Mental Wellness


Life in NSW can take its toll on our warriors and their families, both physically and mentally. When an active duty SEAL or SWCC is injured or becomes critically ill, programs under our Health Pillar provide financial and logistical support so the focus can be on healing. We also provide assistance when family members become critically ill. In addition, many of our service members and veterans deal with the chronic effects of sustained combat.

NSF provides a specialized program aimed at addressing their unique physical and mental concerns, while optimizing their quality of life. We also maintain connections to clinical psychologists skilled in addressing their specific mental health issues, and access to cutting edge treatment modalities. The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to keeping our warriors, families, and veterans healthy.

*These programs are supported by the Ken Griffin
Navy SEAL Foundation Education and Children's Initiative.

Thank you so much for this opportunity... I have learned a ton from the different modalities and think that I have grown during this program. I would and have recommended this to a ton of friends both on active duty and retired. One of the more important aspects of this program was the NSF briefs which included videos and a venue to talk about different concerns within the community whether being mental health or retirement.

- Active Duty Service Member

And I'm convinced that we are able to take extra risks and efforts. We mitigate risk as much as we can but all of our guys are comfortable knowing that they have the support of another family with the Navy SEAL Foundation behind them that allows them to be comfortable. Because if they get injured, they know that there are other resources there.

- Active Duty Service Member

Programs Include

  • Human Performance
  • Mental Health Support
  • Whole Warrior Health Forum
  • Wounded, Ill & Injured Support
  • Dependent & Family Illness
  • Service Dog Support


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