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Families and Relationships Survey

Active Duty SEAL SWCC Spouses

Active-Duty SEAL and SWCC spouse responses


veteran SEAL and SWCC spouses

Veteran SEAL and SWCC spouse responses



Active-Duty Support spouse responses


In February 2022, we sent a survey to NSW spouses to get their feedback on the topic of Loss of Community/Tribe after service. There were a total of 574 respondents. Of those, 62% were SEAL spouses, 9% were SWCC spouses, 12% were Support Personnel spouses, 15% were Veteran SEAL spouses, and 2% were SWCC Veteran spouses. While we have work to do, it’s great to know we are starting from a position of marriage and family strength. Your perspective provided important and actionable feedback. As we look to the future, we are taking your feedback into consideration. We will be adjusting some programs and ensuring you have information about the support we offer. For many needs listed in the comments, the NSF already has programs to support you. Give us a call, email us, or put in an information request so we can help.

Loss of Community Survey

Veteran Responses

Veteran responses


Veteran Spouse Responses

Veteran Spouse Responses


In April 2021, we sent a survey to nearly 5,500 members of the NSW veteran community and get their feedback on the topic of Loss of Community/Tribe after service. Our objectives for this survey were as follows:

  1. Shape and prioritize existing veteran connection programs to be most effective
  2. Develop new programs based upon emerging requirements from the community
  3. Share community connection initiatives from other organizations and strengthen nonprofit relationships
  4. Inform NSW about veterans feedback

Our respondents’ demographics were:

  • 750 total
    • 352 SEAL veterans
    • 38 SWCC veterans
    • 61 veteran spouses
    • 299 ineligible (active duty or other)
  • 51% served 20 years or more
  • 62% were enlisted
  • 63% served in the year 2000 and later
  • 76% live in VA, CA, FL, PA, TX, NC, and WA
  • The remaining 24% live in 25 different states

Overall, our veterans told us:

  • “More than anything, we just miss our friends.”
  • 60% of veterans and 57% of spouses felt a disconnection from NSW at some point.
  • While the issue is somewhat self-correcting, 1⁄3 of community members still feel a loss.
  • Veteran spouses recognized the family loss more than the veterans.
  • “Missing the Teams” was one of the most common comment themes.
  • The type of event – family, SEAL only, small, large, outdoor, etc. is important to the respondents.
  • Help with transitioning and Frogman Reconnect-type events were most requested.

The Navy SEAL Foundation will work with its Programs Team and other benevolent partners to improve our support for our veteran community and facilitate access to the tribe. We will also share this information with NSW to be aware of the feedback and use this information in support of the warriors and families. If you would like to get more involved with the veteran SEAL community, please reach out to the NSF or one of the other benevolent organizations that provide connection events. We will be happy to direct you to the next event nearest to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Angelina Campbell at for more information.

2020 Q4 Survey


SEAL/SWCC Active Duty responses



SEAL/SWCC Veteran responses



SEAL/SWCC Spouse responses


In December 2020, we sent a survey to nearly 6,000 members of the NSW community including active duty personnel, veterans, and families. Our intentions with this survey were as follows:

  1. Understand where any misunderstandings might lie about the support we provide so we can communicate better
  2. Shape and prioritize existing programs to be most effective
  3. Develop new programs based upon emerging requirements from the community

We were very excited to get candid and thoughtful input from almost 1,000 recipients! ​​​Overall, we received feedback that:

  • The greatest challenge NSW operators face during active duty is marriage and family issues.
  • The greatest challenge veterans face is loss of community.
  • The greatest concern for teammates is TBI.

Lack of sleep, chronic pain, and mental health also consistently ranked high as concerns throughout the lifetime of all NSW personnel. NSF is currently evaluating our support in regards to this feedback and will be posting updates to our Programs page as needed.

In addition, there were questions about topics like who we support specifically, the money we keep in reserves, and experimental treatments. For answers to these questions as well as others please visit our FAQ page.

NSF is committed to meeting the needs of the NSW community and will continue to seek feedback to ensure we are doing so!


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