Foundation Leadership

The Navy SEAL Foundation board and staff guide the philosophy and direction of the Foundation in the course of fulfilling its primary mission. Many Foundation leadership members have personal experience as members of the Naval Special Warfare community, making them familiar with the unique challenges and rewards associated with service in this elite fighting force.

Navy SEAL Foundation Senior Staff and Directors

  • Robin King

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Scott Burke

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Alison Messick

    Programs Director

  • Meaghan Martinak

    Development Director

  • Chris Irwin

    Communications Director

  • Carolyn Petschler

    Development Director

    North East

  • Erin Huffaker

    Development Director

    South Central

  • Mindy Franklin

    Programs Manager

    East Coast and Europe

  • Beth Holland

    Programs Manager

    West Coast and Pacific Islands

  • Marlessa Buergler

    Events Manager

Navy SEAL Foundation Board Officers



BUD/S Class 105
Consultant, The Pybus Group
Odessa, FL
Vice Chairman

Robert Smith

BUD/S Class 166

Jack Daly

Partner, TPG
San Francisco, CA


BUD/S Class 233
National Resilience Inc.
Ketchum, ID

Muneer Satter

Chairman, Satter Investment Management, LLC
Chicago, IL

Navy SEAL Foundation Board Directors

Eric Adamski

BUD/S Class 185

Christopher Cassidy

BUD/S Class 192


Founder and Senior Partner,
Cornell Capital, LLC
New York, NY

Tony Duynstee

BUD/S Class 226
Vice President, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Sean Freitag

BUD/S Class 243
Vice President, The Blackstone Group

Christopher D. Heinz

Pittsburgh, PA

Matt Hickey

BUD/S Class 141



BUD/S Class 227
Managing Director, Raymond James
Houston, TX

Gene Mak

BUD/S Class 250
Head of Operations, Ravn


Executive Chairman and Founder, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Michael C. Martin

BUD/S Class 210
Chicago, IL

Dino Mavrookas

BUD/S Class 255

Ted Muhlner

BUD/S Class 229
Vice President, Redpoint Resolutions LLC
San Francisco, CA


Director, Mental Health Service Line, Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughters
Virginia Beach, VA

Tom Prescott

President and CEO, retired, Align Technology, Inc
Scottsdale, AZ

William H. Strong

Partner, Anzu Partners, LLC
Naples, FL

Timothy (Tim) B. Phillips

BUD/S Class 166
General Counsel, American Cancer Society, Inc.
Marietta, GA

Navy SEAL Foundation Advisors to the Board

VADM (ret) Albert M. Calland, III

BUD/S Class 82

VADM (ret) Robert S. Harward, Jr.

BUD/S Class 128

VADM (RET) P. Gardner Howe, III

BUD/S Class 131

RADM (ret) Garry J. Bonelli

BUD/S Class 51

RADM (RET) Brian Hendrickson

BUD/S Class 171

RADM (ret) Brian L. Losey

BUD/S Class 126

RADM (ret) Kerry M. Metz

BUD/S Class 149

RADM (ret) William H. Payne

BUD/S Class 89

RADM (ret) Gary W. Rosholt

BUD/S Class 106

RADM (ret) Raymond C. Smith

BUD/S Class 54

RADM (ret) Edward G. Winters, III

BUD/S Class 112


BUD/S Class 32

RDML (ret) Alexander L. Krongard

BUD/S Class 138

RDML (ret) Scott P. Moore

BUD/S Class 126

RDML (ret) Thomas R. Richards

BUD/S Class 55

RDML (ret) Thomas W. Steffens

BUD/S Class 47

RDML (ret) George R. Worthington

BUD/S Class 36

FORCM (Ret) Clell W. Breining

BUD/S Class 101

FORCM (ret) Stephen D. Link

BUD/S Class 116

FORCM (ret) Michael L. Magaraci

BUD/S Class 155

FORCM (ret) Richard M. Rogers

BUD/S Class 71

FORCM (ret) Steven D. Studdard

BUD/S Class 137

FORCM (ret) Andrew J. Tafelski, Jr.

BUD/S Class 111

FORCM (ret) Timothy R. Zimmerman

BUD/S Class 138

Navy SEAL Foundation Honorary Board

Jerry Bruckheimer

Founder and President of Jerry Bruckheimer Films & Television

SOCM (SEAL) Edward C. Byers, Jr., USN, (RET.)

BUD/S Class 242
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, 2016

CDR Norman J. Carley, USN (Ret.)

BUD/S Class 51

Dr. Robert M. Gates

22nd U.S. Secretary of Defense
Partner at RiceHadleyGates LLC

Kenneth C. Griffin

Founder & CEO, Citadel
Founder, Citadel Securities

Edward S. Hyman, Jr.

Chairman of Evercore ISI, Founder of ISI and Head of Economic Research Team

Robert A. Iger

Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company

The Honorable J. Robert (Bob) Kerrey, USN (Ret.)

BUD/S Class 42
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, 1970

The Honorable Michael D. Lumpkin, USN (Ret.)

BUD/S Class 162
Former Special Envoy for the Global Engagement Center, U.S. State Department and
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC)

Nancy & Howard Marks

General James Mattis, USMC, Ret.

26th Secretary of Defense

ADM Michael G. Mullen, USN (Ret.)

17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

LT Tom Norris, USN (Ret.)

BUD/S Class 45
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, 1976

Stephen A. Schwarzman

Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone

SOCM (SEAL) Britt K. Slabinski, USN (RET.)

BUD/S Class 164
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, 2018

Mike Thornton, USN (Ret.)

BUD/S Class 49
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, 1973

Loralee S. West

*BUD/S = Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL