Foundation Leadership

The Navy SEAL Foundation board and staff guide the philosophy and direction of the Foundation in the course of fulfilling its primary mission. Many Foundation leadership members have personal experience as members of the Naval Special Warfare community, making them familiar with the unique challenges and rewards associated with service in this elite fighting force.

Navy SEAL Foundation Staff

Navy SEAL Foundation Board Officers

Rear Adm. (ret) Garry J. Bonelli

BUD/S Class 51
San Diego Unified Port District
San Diego, CA

Tom Prescott

President and CEO, retired
Align Technology, Inc
Scottsdale, AZ

Anthony Duynstee

BUD/S Class 226
Executive Director,
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Navy SEAL Foundation Board Directors

Michael Baumer

BUD/S Class 203
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
San Francisco, CA

Jack Daly

Partner, TPG
San Francisco, CA

Christopher L. Fussell

BUD/S Class 215
Director of Business Development,
McChrystal Group
Washington, D.C.

DJ Haley

BUD/S Class 197
Partner, Halo Privacy
New York, NY

Christopher D. Heinz

Pittsburgh, PA

Michael C. Martin

BUD/S Class 210
Director, USB O’Connor LLC
Chicago, IL

Ted Muhlner

BUD/S Class 229
Vice President,
Redpoint Resolutions LLC
San Francisco, CA

Muneer Satter

Satter Investment Management, LLC
Chicago, IL

William C. White

BUD/S Class 32
Basin Street Properties
Sausalito, CA

Steve Wisotzki

BUD/S Class 158
Managing Director,
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
New York, NY

Timothy (Tim) B. Phillips

BUD/S Class 166
General Counsel,
American Cancer Society, Inc.
Marietta, GA

Navy SEAL Foundation Advisors to the Board

VADM (ret) Albert M. Calland, III

BUD/S Class 82

VADM (ret) Robert S. Harward, Jr.

BUD/S Class 128

VADM (ret) Joseph D. Kernan

BUD/S Class 117

VADM (ret) Sean A. Pybus

BUD/S Class 105

RADM (ret) Richard Lyon

BUD/S Class 2

RADM (ret) Kerry M. Metz

BUD/S Class 149

RADM (ret) William H. Payne

BUD/S Class 89

RADM (ret) Gary W. Rosholt

BUD/S Class 106

RADM (ret) Raymond C. Smith

BUD/S Class 54

RADM (ret) Edward G. Winters, III

BUD/S Class 112

RDML (ret) Thomas L. Brown, II

BUD/S Class 125

RDML (ret) Cathal L. Flynn, Jr.

BUD/S Class 24

RDML (ret) Alexander Lion Krongard

BUD/S Class 138

RDML (ret) Brian L. Losey

BUD/S Class 126

RDML (ret) Scott P. Moore

BUD/S Class 126

RDML (ret) Thomas R. Richards

BUD/S Class 55

RDML (ret) Thomas Williams Steffens

BUD/S Class 47

RDML (ret) George R. Worthington

BUD/S Class 36

FORCM (ret) Stephen D. Link

BUD/S Class 116

FORCM (ret) Michael L. Magaraci

BUD/S Class 155

FORCM (ret) Richard M. Rogers

BUD/S Class 71

FORCM (ret) Steven D. Studdard

BUD/S Class 137

FORCM (ret) Andrew J. Tafelski, Jr.

BUD/S Class 111

FORCM (ret) Timothy R. Zimmerman

BUD/S Class 138

*BUD/S = Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL