Building Capabilities & Reducing Stressors


The members of the SEAL community and their families are incredibly strong. But even our most elite team benefits from a support structure that reduces the various stressors in their lives and builds their capabilities. Programs under our Strength Pillar provide assistance to active duty service members in the form of respite care, morale-building events, command all-calls, and much more.

NSF also provides mentorship opportunities and works with world-class institutes, other nonprofits, and experts in networking and resume-building to assist NSW members and their families when they transition out of the military. And we provide emergency funding for veterans in support of any financial hardship. The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to keeping our warriors, families, and veterans strong.

*These programs are supported by the Ken Griffin
Navy SEAL Foundation Education and Children's Initiative.

Wow. I am so humbled, grateful, and beyond blessed. Through these unprecedented times our family, like many families, has endured an incredible amount of difficulty, stress, and sadness, as if the stress of back-to-back deployments between my husband and I in the last year wasn’t enough. We are so grateful for the Navy SEAL Foundation continuing to support families so that we can continue to support our mission and serve.

- Wife of an Active duty service member

Thank you all - the respite child care provider, our commands, Navy SEAL Foundation, and the family support team - for keeping our family afloat and reminding us that we are part of something greater, we are part of a better tomorrow, and we are becoming stronger as a family through it all.

- active duty service member

Programs Include

  • Respite Care, Travel & Activities
  • Pre- & Post-Deployment Events
  • All-Calls & Command Meetings
  • Career Transition
  • Various Workshops
  • Veteran Crisis Assistance


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