Foundation Leadership

The Navy SEAL Foundation board and staff guide the philosophy and direction of the Foundation in the course of fulfilling its primary mission. Many Foundation leadership members have personal experience as members of the Naval Special Warfare community, making them familiar with the unique challenges and rewards associated with service in this elite fighting force.

Navy SEAL Foundation Staff

Navy SEAL Foundation Board Officers

Rear Adm. (ret) Garry J. Bonelli
BUD/S Class 51
San Diego Unified Port District
San Diego, CA
Deron J. Haley
Vice Chairman
BUD/S Class 197
Ziff Brothers Investments
New York, NY
Michael Baumer
BUD/S Class 203
Senior Vice President, Private Wealth Management,
Morgan Stanley
San Francisco, CA


Navy SEAL Foundation Board Directors

Jack Daly
New York Gala, 2014
Managing Director,
Goldman Sachs & Co.
New York, NY
Chaz Heron
SEAL Heritage Center
BUD/S Class 121
Deputy Operations Officer,
Naval Special Warfare Group TWO
Virginia Beach, VA
Anthony Duynstee
Ambassador Program
BUD/S Class 226
Executive Director,
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Brendan P. Rogers
BUD/S Class 172
Chief Operating Officer,
MSDC Management L.P.
New York, NY
Joseph V. Femenia
BUD/S Class 221
Managing Director,
U.S. Leveraged Loan Trading,
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Greenwich, CT
Marcela Szymanski
Community and NSW Volunteer
Virginia Beach, VA
Christopher L. Fussell
BUD/S Class 215
Director of Business Development,
McChrystal Group
Washington, D.C.
William C. White
BUD/S Class 32
Basin Street Properties
Sausalito, CA
Christopher D. Heinz
Transition and Reintegration
Managing Partner,
Rosemont Capital
Quakertown, PA


Navy SEAL Foundation Advisors to the Board

Rear Adm. (ret) Thomas L. Brown
BUD/S Class 125
Vice Adm. (ret) Joseph D. Kernan
BUD/S 117
Vice Adm. (ret) Albert M. Calland, III
BUD/S Class 82
Rear Adm. (ret) Raymond C. Smith
BUD/S 54
Vice Adm. (ret) Robert S. Harward
BUD/S 128


Timothy (Tim) B. Phillips
BUD/S Class 166
General Counsel,
American Cancer Society, Inc.
Marietta, GA


Navy SEAL Foundation – Hawaii Board of Directors

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*BUD/S = Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL