Operation North to the Future Alaskan Adventure

In July 2016, the Navy SEAL Foundation hosted the “North to the Future” adventure which brought Naval Special Warfare Gold Star & Surviving Teens to the beautiful state of Alaska for five days of fun and character building activities.

These teens experienced the Alaskan wilderness and all of the splendor and daring it offers; they also learned the invaluable lessons associated with servant leadership to strengthen their understanding of what it means to live life boldly in service to others.

Unlike many other camps which serve Gold Star and Surviving Teens, North to the Future was not a grief camp; rather it served as an opportunity for this wonderful group of teens, who share a common experience rooted in loss, to establish themselves, their character, and their goals as they grow into young adults.

The focused adventure activities, wilderness experiences, and leadership training created the ideal atmosphere for these teens to dig deep in many ways. With support from staff, each teen explored how they, with their unique strengths and personal goals, can live a life that reflects their core values.

We are happy to report that throughout the many adventures we shared, these teens had fun, they met challenges head on, and they flourished!

For more information about the Foundation’s support of Gold Star and Surviving Families, please click the “Our Programs” link above.


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