Family Assistance Program

The Family Assistance Program was created by the Navy SEAL Foundation in response to COVID-19 and community feedback. We recognize the additional strains placed on NSW families during this time and are proud to offer families this support.

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Families of NSW service members who are deployed or away from home due to training or temporary assignment to another duty station.
  • Families of NSW service members who are in essential personnel/first responder role at work. For example, if you are required to work as a medical professional (nurse, doctor, etc.) or as a first responder (firefighter, law enforcement, dual military family, etc.). We recognize that your role during this time is essential for public safety. If you think your family falls into this category, please let us know. We realize there are other professions in which you may be called to continue to work and encourage you to contact your Warrior and Family Support Coordinator to request assistance.

How long will this program be offered?

This program is intended to provide relief in family care to NSW families that meet the above eligibility requirements during the COVID-19 quarantine. NSF will provide updates on all of its COVID-19 specific programs as we learn more and can make well-informed decisions.

What services are offered under the FA Program?

  • Virtual Learning Assistant: Helper to assist families during a time of virtual learning and school closings. The helper will follow the curriculum that is provided by the parent (or school system). AHH Admin will staff the request with a Helper who is knowledgeable and experienced to support the needs of the Family.
  • Parent Helper: Helper to assist with housekeeping needs that are above and beyond affiliation with childcare. Things such as sanitizing areas, laundry, etc.
  • Running Errands/Grocery Shopping and Delivery Services: The helper will provide services outside of the home, such as grocery shopping and other errands services (logistics vary with availability).

How do I request service under this program?

Active Duty: Please reach out to your command Warrior and Support Coordinator, they will submit a request on behalf of your family to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

If you are a SEAL/SWCC veteran or you have an NSW friend or colleague who needs help, please reach out to our team by clicking the link below.